The goat bumps its head into the tailor


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The goat bumps its head into the tailor

In ancient times, people liked to express their derision towards tailors. It is said that the tailoring and sewing of dresses was initially a craft that was mainly carried out by the female population. But among these scoffers, a goat named Kuzmo also proved himself.

Kuzmo was a goat with an extremely playful spirit. He always liked to play and have fun in his own way. One day he decided to show the tailors how to play a real goat.

Walking up to the tailor there, he began to perform his special performance. Kuzmo bumped into the tailor, who fearfully held an iron and scissors as weapons of defense. He made all the surrounding people laugh with his mischief.

But the surprise was on the tailor’s side. Instead of getting angry, he started laughing along with everyone else. He realized that Kuzmo is just a fun goat who wants to share joy and laughter. From then on, the tailors and Kuzmo became friends, laughing together and enjoying each other’s company. And so it turned out that performances and friendships are more important than past prejudices.