The fox is stealing hens

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The fox is stealing hens

In a quiet village where the days passed slowly, there was one special house. There lived a kind housewife who had her own little garden and always took care of her chickens. Among them was a particularly lively rooster who happily crowed every morning.

But one day a fox crept into their village. She quietly crept in front of the house and stole one of the chickens. The rooster immediately began to scream loudly, shouting at the top of his voice.

He was heard by the housewife who was just turning the pot on the hearth. In her hands she held the burkle, which she usually uses to move the pot from the hearth. Looking at the frightened rooster and the empty nest, she knew what had happened. She decided that she had to get back her hen that had been taken away by the fox.

With determined steps, she went after the fox, which was already moving away. A wild chase through the woods and fields began. The housewife did not give up, she persistently followed the fox, which was trying to escape with its prey.

On the way, she met neighbors who came to help. Together, they followed the fox, who now felt threatened, with quick steps. But the housewife was determined to save her hen.

And so began an unforgettable chase between the housewife and the fox, which showed how far she was willing to go for her beloved animals. The wild chase lasted long into the night, but finally ended when the housewife managed to save her precious hen from the fox and brought it safely back home. It was a day that proved how strong the bond is between man and his feathered friends.